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Jul 28, 2017

Friedo goes solo on this one and gives his reasons why Colin Kaepernick is out of work right now.



Jul 27, 2017

Beltre gets 3 hits and a KO in last night's Rangers Game.

Jerry Jones continues to be the ringmaster

The Bathroom Bill gets discussed

Jul 26, 2017

Lucky Whitehead was telling the truth when he called it a case of mistaken identity.

Yu Darvish may be getting his last start as a Texas Ranger tonight.

Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland 

Jul 25, 2017

A day after Jason Garrett, Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones got grilled for "character" issues on this roster, the Dallas Cowboys release Lucky Whitehead.

Does this send a message to the rest of the team?  Friedo thinks that the message is loud and clear:   Don't let TMZ break any news before we know about it!...